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I am very glad to have found this book showing that faith and science are NOT mutually exclusive. Complex medical phenomena are simplified and made easy to understand, and there is historical fact to back up every claim. My curiosity has been both satisfied and deepened, and in the best possible way. A great read for believers and non believers alike.
— Alisen Woods

The content of this book, “The Physical Death and Resurrection, a Surgeon`s view”, is the result of and extraordinary and detailed research about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, made by Dr. Norberto. It has an enormous value from a religious and historical points of view. The book is instructive and educating, while at the same time is inspiring and motivating. After reading this book, I have solidified my faith in Jesus and my desire of living my life under the guidance of Christianity. I am looking forward to Dr. Norberto`s next book, since I have become a true fan of his writing style, which is entertaining, educating and inspiring. I will be a reader of Dr. Norberto`s books for life! .
— Anthony Galan

I read Dr Norberto’s book during a long plane flight so that I could really process and absorb the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice and unconditional love for each of us. I have heard the gospel readings spoken at countless Good Friday services. Yet, Dr Norberto provides new insights and facts regarding the suffering and unbelievable cruelty of the Roman torturers and the religious elders who sought and condoned such depravity.

More importantly, I found it so refreshing that a scientist/physician could express his love for the Lord as well as expand our understanding of the magnitude of Christ’s gift of everlasting life, which I often take for granted. To be humbled and enlightened in one book and to ultimately appreciate anew Christ’s gift to each of us made for quite a journey on that flight. Thank you Dr. Norberto and may God continue to bless you.
— Nancy Ayers

Humility partnered with a passion to connect faith and science are the essence of Dr. Norberto’s book. As a Christian believer, and Bible scholar I have studied the death and resurrection of Jesus over a lifetime. My first thought was “what does another account of the death and resurrection of Jesus have to offer that is new?” Bridging the gap between science and faith at first thought is impossible, ah but with God “all things are possible” and this book does so with delicate respect for two vastly different arenas. As a nurse reacquainting myself with the sufferings of my Messiah Jesus, paired with the beauty of the resurrection, has done my heart Good. You will not be disappointed with this read.
— Krista Jo Rife

After reading this book, I have been reminded of one of the countless reasons Dr. Norberto is such an incredible individual. His ability to capture and relate the history of Jesus’ contributions and legacy can be both easily followed and understood by any reading audience. The time and attention to detail invested in this book is exceptional. It has been a pleasure to read this book and has given me yet another reason to feel proud to work with and know such an amazing person. Thank you Dr. Norberto!!!
— Tracey Byram, RN, CCRN

If you’ve ever wondered what the death and resurrection of Jesus was truly like, you must read Dr. Jose J Norberto’s first published book. Dr. Norberto not only research the medical effects, but went as far as to research, outside of the Biblical accounts of these events, both by believers and non-believers. It is written in detail, yet in such a way that everyone will comprehend the content and intent of his work. It will leave you in tears at some points, and actual snickers, at other times. It is my opinion that EVERY CHRISTIAN should read this...the understanding of Christ’s true sacrifice and horrific death He endured, as God’s only Son, just to save us from our sins. I also recommend any/all non-Christians or ‘Doubting Thomas’s’, to read this book - as it will set in your mind, historical events and explain many of the events that have always been difficult for some to understand, believe or comprehend. Well written, well researched and deserving to be held, read and contemplated by as many people as possible. It’s not a ‘long read’ and I plan on reading it again.....it has lit a passion in me that no other book, outside the Bible, as been able to do.
— Debbie Foster

I just finished reading Physical Death & Resurrection for the second time. Each time I have observed and discovered many things while reading it. The book has given me a better understanding of what Jesus went through to “Save Us All”. I was prepared to use the Bible and a Bible Dictionary, which I sometimes did, but I found out this book is a very easy read. I recommend this book for Adult Sunday School Classes, home (church) Bible study groups and also during your own meditation time. Sunday School Classes will find it amazing with a lot of discussions. This book has touched my heart and I can’t wait for another book in the future! Congratulations, Dr. Norberto
— Elizabeth S. Bakeron

Dr. Norberto’s research and analysis of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was very detailed and informative. He carefully scrutinized the symptoms that Jesus would have experienced during his torture and crucifixion and brilliantly explained them to the reader. It was mesmerizing to learn all the medical facts about the suffering that “The Man, Jesus” experienced. Although some of Dr. Norberto’s views seemed biased because of his faith, he was able to present and prove his points in an objective matter. “The Physical Death & Resurrection” gives new meaning to the scriptures and strengthens my faith in the “Son of God, Jesus”. Great book to read, whether you are a Christian or not!!
— Luz Futrellon

I just completed reading, The Physical Death and Resurrection: A Surgeon’s View. I must say I was captivated from page one. As a Christian I believe Jesus came to earth and died on the cross, He then arose 3 days later. Dr. Noberto has managed to connect biblical history and science thru research. The fact is Jesus chose to come to earth, lead a perfect life and die a horrific, painful death to save me. Perhaps, we as Christians are too quick to say Jesus was crucified and arose 3 days later. The fact is Jesus came to earth KNOWING he was going to die a horrific, painful death to save mankind. Thank you Dr. Noberto for shedding light on the sacrifice Jesus made for myself and every Christian, the knowledge that He not only chose to die but knew exactly how painful it was going to be. I highly recommend this book and it would be a awesome book for a bible study.
— Victoria Johnson

After reading the first two paragraphs of this book, tears of realization filled my eyes. Even if you do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, the fact that a man chose to endure such a death solely for the rescue of the souls of all mankind is very compelling. This book provides a complete understanding of that sacrifice and enables us to truly look at the history of the man Jesus. To shift motivation for our actions away from ourselves and toward the benefit of others, at least some of the time, is worthwhile, noble, and even therapeutic. What could be more empowering than to know that a neighbor’s life was improved by your own effort?
— D. Popeon

While on vacation I just finished your book. The Physical Death & Resurrection. It’s an awesome quick read, only 3 hours, and I recommend it to believers and non-believers alike. For me it’s shed some light on the impossible comprehension of Christ’s Death and Resurrection from a clinical point of view. Now I’m going to tell my whole family to read it. Thank you my friend and God Bless you!
— Patrick Hunter

What a great and awesome book to describe what our Lord and Savior went through for us. I truly enjoyed reading this book and at many times felt very moved and saddened and it was like I was actually there witnessing what was taking place. The book also made me understand a few things that I had also found mysterious surrounding the events during the Resurrection. To think that Jesus endured such great physical and emotional pain and suffering and it was all for us - The Believers of Jesus Christ. Great work Dr. Norberto !!
— Mike Joneson

What an amazing book! Loved every chapter to the end. If I layed it down for just a second I caught myself thinking about it. I would re-read certain parts to my family to get their thoughts. Jose Noberto wrote this book in a way that anyone can understand . Such an easy read and he explains in such detail what Jesus went through. I absolutely recommend this book to all my family and friends and every one else! You will not be disappointed!
— Deborah Hileson

This book will break your heart as you read about all that Jesus went through for you and me. This is a thought-provoking book that challenges you to go beyond what you always thought about the crucifixion of Jesus and the events surrounding it and gathers together poignant details that a surgeon would know, but many of us wouldn’t. I would highly recommend this book.
— Penny Schwickerathon

Dr. Norberto’s book, The Physical Death and Resurrection is an excellent book which it will take you through the most important event in human history: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The book is so well written and his explanations are easily understood. His attention to detail kept reminding me Apostle St. Luke’s writings (who happened to be a Doctor as well!)
— Teo Montillaon

This book is very insightful. I truly didn’t want it to end. I found it to be a very easy read, in terms of being very simplified. Everything was explained in a way that anyone could understand. Dr. Norbeto really brought Jesus’s life and death into perspective. I would recommend this book to everyone.
— Jennifer N Hambel

I was fascinated by this book. It made clear so many questions I had regarding the Bible in that time period. Seeing the crucifixion through a surgeons eyes, and what would have happened to Jesus, made him seem more “real”.
I am recommending this book to all my family and friends.
— Cheryl

Excellently written book with very thorough research by the author. Tells me in greater detail the sacrifice my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made for me....and all who believe and accept the free gift of salvation offered at the cross! Love this book!
— Pam H.

I enjoyed reading this book! Dr Norberto is an awesome writer...this is one the best books that I have read in a long time! Hope to see another book by Dr Norberto really soon!!!
— Joyce Sirota

Beautiful reading...loved it
— Belinda Misuraca

I just recently finished reading this book. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down!! Dr Norberto is a captivating author who thas taken this story to another level for me. It is written in such a way that no matter how religious or unreligious you are, no matter how much of the “bible language’ you understand, you WILL walk away from reading this book with a new outlook. If you are considering buying this book....what are you waiting for???
Buy it now!!! You will not be dissapointed!!
— cindy d clark

This is a most fascinating book. As I am not involved in Bible study or heavily involved in any special church I am a true believer in God and prayer. With the way Dr. Norberto structured the format of this book I found it easy to follow and understand. I would encourage everyone to purchase this book. It is one
you will read many times over due to his passion and his teachings.
— Janet Muralt

The book is excellent, easy to read and very interesting details. I highly recommend it. The fact that it’s written by a recognized heart surgeon that uses his medical knowledge to describe details of the physical death and resurrection, makes this an excellent read. Congratulations to Dr. Jose J. Norberto.
— Adriana

EXCELLENT BOOK! Well written by a very talented and devoted surgeon. I cried and winced when I read about the physical suffering Jesus actually endured. Dr. Norberto makes it so real and factual that I highly recommend that everyone read this.
— Debra Hannah MS, CNP

Dr. Norberto’s ability to merge the biblical accounts of the death and resurrection with his medical expertise is truly awe inspiring! As one of faith, I find the events that occurred in those three days to be the single most important piece of history there is. This book adds another layer of reality to those events and gives a deeper understanding of the sacrifice He made for us all.
— Randy Wallace

Dr. Jose Norberto, an accomplished cardiovascular surgeon, has written an interesting treatise on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ from a physician-surgeon perspective. Readers will find his observations thought-provoking. His unique insights into the aspect of the unbelievable trauma to the human body of Jesus, as reported in Scripture, and his thoughts about the Resurrection, are worth the reader’s consideration and attention.
— G.B. Snider, MD, FACP

Dr. Norberto, a distinguished cardiothoracic surgeon, illustrates in simple words that science and religion are not in contradiction. He is able to create a safe bridge between the religious and the scientific interpretation of Jesus’ Crucifixion. Reading this book has given me a different perspective about Jesus’ life, crucifixion, and resurrection. Dr. Norberto has touched my heart, without being my doctor, and motivated me to continue reading and learning about the real world of Jesus Christ.
— Carmen Lazala, MD, FAAP

Scientists and physicians may feel troubled by the concept of faith and be reluctant to accept religion. Dr. Norberto has embraced the mysteries of faith and launched a medical investigation into certain biblical teachings. The Physical Death and Resurrection takes you on a scientific journey to the time of Christ. Beginning with the Shroud of Turin, Dr. Norberto explores the scientific evidence that links the Shroud to Jesus. In the second section, Dr. Norberto presents an intriguing scientific explanation of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. The presentation is thoroughly researched and well written, offering its readers the historical and scientific evidence to support the Resurrection.
— Margaret S. Sawyer, MD.


The Physical Death & Resurrection

A Surgeon's View

Written by Dr. Jose Norberto

In The Physical Death and Resurrection, Dr. Norberto combines history with modern science to offer a unique perspective on the humanity of Jesus Christ!  Read More about the book here!

About the Book

Award-winning cardiothoracic surgeon Jose J. Norberto invites you on a fascinating journey of discovery as he examines the physical characteristics of the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth–the man revered by millions as the Son of God!

In the first century, crucifixion was the chosen method of execution, meant to intimidate enemies of the Roman Empire. The cross, a brutal instrument of torture, has become the chosen symbol for Jesus’ physical suffering, profound value is added to His sacrifice. His death and Resurrection take on deeper significance as the pivotal events on which the entire religious movement of Christianity is founded.

This book helps bridge the gap between the religious significance of Jesus’ life, death, and Resurrection and the science that can help make these events more real. Dr. Norberto’s career as a cardiothoracic surgeon allows him to touch human hearts physically. In sharing the results of his investigation, he hopes God will use him to touch each reader’s heart and soul with a greater appreciation of our Savior.

Dr. Norberto Profile Photo

Dr. Jose J. Norberto

Dr. Norberto grew up in the Dominican Republic, where he received his medical degree magna cum laude at the University of Santo Domingo. He completed his surgical training in the United States, receiving multiple awards for scientific research and medical excellence. Dr. Norberto is a cardiothoracic surgeon and the director of cardiac surgery at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio. He enjoys spending time with his two daughters as well as practicing clarinet and saxophone.