1. About The Physical Death & Resurrection: A Surgeon's View Media: 

Media: What is your book is about? 

Norberto: This book is about Jesus’ story analyzed from my perspective as a Christian physician/surgeon. Utilizing my clinical training, I created a pre-crucifixion profile of Jesus. I then explained the crucifixion proceedings in a simple manner so everyone could understand the implications of that type of execution on the human body. I truly believe that after reading this book, you will read the passion of the Christ very differently. You will understand why he was sweating blood at Gethsemane and why water and blood came out of his chest when the Roman soldiers pierced his side. I also addressed the Resurrection.


2. Religious or Scientific Inspiration

Media: Is your book centered on religious or scientific interpretation and who is it written for? 

Norberto: I truly believe that this book creates a bridge between the religious and scientific interpretation of Jesus’ crucifixion. It is suitable to all denominations because Jesus is the center of the book. I believe all denominations will be very comfortable with the content of the book. I also think that non-believers would enjoy reading about the most influential figure in human history. Some consider him the biggest revolutionary that ever existed. We must remember that he was killed because the establishment felt threatened by his teachings. His legacy is so extraordinary that in a few years after his death, the biggest empire at the time became Christian.


3. Dr. Norberto's Inspiration

Media: I understand this is your first book. What was your inspiration for this book?

Norberto: I must start answering this question by saying that I didn't like to write papers during school or even later in my career. Something happened three years ago that changed that mindset forever. I started giving lectures about the physical suffering that Jesus went through. The rationale for those lectures was to create a bridge between the religious interpretation of his ordeal and the actual physical suffering from a medical or scientific standpoint. Understanding the physical suffering gives a profound value to his sacrifice, which enables us to make a more serious analysis of our own lives, with the goal of making us worthy of his sacrifice. The response of the audience was so amazing! They wanted to learn more. At that point I felt the need to write about it, and I haven't stop writing since!


The Physical Death & Resurrection

A Surgeon's View

Written by Dr. Jose Norberto

In The Physical Death and Resurrection, Dr. Norberto combines history with modern science to offer a unique perspective on the humanity of Jesus Christ.

About the Book

Award-winning cardiothoracic surgeon Jose J. Norberto invites you on a fascinating journey of discovery as he examines the physical characteristics of the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth–the man revered by millions as the Son of God!

In the first century, crucifixion was the chosen method of execution, meant to intimidate enemies of the Roman Empire. The cross, a brutal instrument of torture, has become the chosen symbol for Jesus’ physical suffering, profound value is added to His sacrifice. His death and Resurrection take on deeper significance as the pivotal events on which the entire religious movement of Christianity is founded.

This book helps bridge the gap between the religious significance of Jesus’ life, death, and Resurrection and the science that can help make these events more real. Dr. Norberto’s career as a cardiothoracic surgeon allows him to touch human hearts physically. In sharing the results of his investigation, he hopes God will use him to touch each reader’s heart and soul with a greater appreciation of our Savior.

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Dr. Jose J. Norberto

Dr. Norberto grew up in the Dominican Republic, where he received his medical degree magna cum laude at the University of Santo Domingo. He completed his surgical training in the United States, receiving multiple awards for scientific research and medical excellence. Dr. Norberto is a cardiothoracic surgeon and the director of cardiac surgery at Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio. He enjoys spending time with his two daughters as well as practicing clarinet and saxophone.