The Divine Trinity

In previous blogs I have mentioned that I have always believed in God. In fact I have never stopped believing in him. I grew up with that believe since very early in life. I just don’t know anything different.  But I should disclose that at some point in my life I was distant when it came to worshipping Him. I don’t have a good explanation as to why other than I felt it was not necessary and I also felt that we ‘humans’ had made it more complex than what it should be. In my mind, all of what we needed was to be good people.

Some people can’t believe in God. They just can't accept that there is someone that they can’t see, touch, hear or feel. Furthermore, it gets more complicated when this God is the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. It is just too much for them and at that point in their mind, they see it as impossible!

Now, I must admit that there are components of our faith that are very difficult to grasp. One of those concepts is the “Divine Trinity” which is overwhelmingly hard to visualize or understand.

As a physician, my mind is trained to investigate and explain. It is part of being a doctor. So even though I have my faith I do like to challenge my mind investigating difficult dogmas.  I find researching about the Lord very unique, dynamic and fun. But before I continue with this, I must warn you that, just as a very powerful mind and profound theologian, Thomas Aquinas, said “A long time ago, I accepted the fact that I am not smart enough to understand all God’s mysteries. The day I can understand everything about God – He is no longer God”. This last statement sealed the deal for me – we can’t understand everything and there will be a significant amount of faith involved in our spiritual journey. There is no way around this. But, I still find it fun and entertaining to put my mind to work investigating about the mysteries of our creator.

Getting back to the “Trinity”, I would like to ask you, how many times have you heard a simple explanation about the trinity? Another question, have you been able to understand any reasoning about this? Let me tell you my experience. I have gone to church for a long time and this topic is a struggle whenever the sermon is about it.  I can remember my mind wandering around and thinking about something else since I couldn’t understand anything.

This past Sunday I had a unique experience, I heard a sermon that started on, what I consider the right track to explain this mystery using a simple analogy. Unfortunately it didn’t continue the path I thought it was going to follow and ended diluted in the air, and it never landed. When I mentioned the right track I am referring to the way that the preacher started. He mentioned the three forms of water: Liquid, vapor and Ice. In other words, water can be found in three forms (liquid, vapor and Ice or solid). The fact that ice is solid which is different than vapor which is different than the liquid form, yet water is still H2O.  It might look or feel different and yet is water.

My dear friends, today I wanted to share with you what I believe is the simplest and best way to understand a minuscule percentage of the “Divine Trinity” concept- Just think about Water!