I am sure that each one of us has heard or said the following the expression, “I will forgive you but I can't forget what happened” or “I forgave you but hadn’t forgotten”.

Now, I would like to ask a couple interesting questions: Can you forgive without forgetting? Is it necessary to forget when we forgive?

Today’s blog is about healing and moving forward.

Each one of us has felt overwhelmed with sadness especially when a good friend did something that hurts us deeply. Or if we have done something that hurts a beloved one.

One thing is for sure, we want to get out of that state of sadness as soon as possible. But sometimes, we just can’t go back to our baseline state. We keep thinking about the betrayal, keep dwelling about the wrong doing of our friend, and keep asking ourselves the same question:

How is that possible?

The reality is that as long as we keep trying to figure out why someone hurt us, we will continue to be sad.

One thing that I consider to be important is to figure out if your friend’s actions are repetitive or just happened once

The reality is that human being makes mistakes, it is our nature, and we are not perfect.  So if you really want to feel better, you will have to forgive, pray for your friend and be mindful of their weakness so you don’t get hurt again.

Unfortunately, once in a while you will have to forgive but remove yourself from a toxic situation.

From my perspective, you can forgive and forget if the situation happened only once or twice. If it repeatedly happens, forgive them and remove yourself from the toxic environment for good. As you can see, the key component is forgiveness because it is the best medicine for your soul, whether it's a repeated offense or a one time situation.