Christians Are Not Perfect!

As I read the Bible, from the Old to the New Testament, I keep finding very interesting characters.  But also, I have found very complex episodes.

Some of the episodes and characters have been used as weapons by non-believers against our faith.  But one thing I find very interesting is the fact that the Lord has chosen regular people to spread the word.

It is fascinating to see some of the chosen ones with obvious personality issues. Why did God Choose Paul? This is just an example. As you know, Paul was a very angry man with a specific agenda against Christians!

Another fascinating one was Matthew, the tax collector.  Tax collectors have never been popular in the society, not then and not now. So imagine how the other disciples felt when Jesus invited Matthew to join the group.

In our society, we, Christians, have been accused of so many things. Some of the accusations are very well deserved, but others are simply unfair.  The bottom line is that we are all sinners and the church isn’t the place for perfect people. It is the place for us, regular people, who have acknowledged our limitations but have accepted Jesus in our heart.

The point I want to make is very simple. God knows exactly who we really are. He knows our limitations and weaknesses.  He can see our heart. He is not asking us to be perfect – He is asking us to follow him.