A Beautiful Tradition

On my Facebook page, I always try to share anecdotes and positive messages. I do it because I am convinced that there is so much negativity and loss of values n our world.

Today I would like to share a beautiful and meaningful tradition. This tradition is one of the great memories from my hometown in the Dominican Republic.

Honestly, I have no idea how the tradition started or where it came from, but one thing for sure, it was the rule at the Norbertos' house.

We were accustomed to asking our parents for a blessing. I still remember saying: Bless me Mom/Dad. Then I waited for their strong and heart felt answer: GOD BLESS YOU! But this costum was not limited to our parents, we also asked for the blessing from our grandparents, uncles/aunts as well as Godparents.  For instance, at home, before going to bed, after getting out of bed, arriving or leaving the house, we had to ask for the blessing. It was the law!

During my adolescence, I began to feel embarrassed about this tradition especially if my friends were around - typical teenager! Once my father noticed that I was not asking for the blessing anymore, he had a conversation with me. He explained to me the importance of the blessing and how my parents had been commissioned by God to watch over us here on earth. Furthermore, he emphasized that by telling us; God bless you- He was asking for divine protection for us. I must say that he was so sure about his answer. From my standpoint, his firm response did it for me! 

 What a great tradition, what a great memory!