Mystical Experiences

Mystical experiences are very difficult to analyze. It is very complex because there are so many fakes out there, so many misleading people that speak in the name of God. We also have seen fanatics predicting the end of the world. The religious arena is so polluted, so clouded, that it makes the obvious divine interventions sometimes go by unnoticed.

We, humans, want to believe. We do want to see divine manifestations beyond those explainable by the common logic or science. I think it is just human nature.

So how do we know that a message is coming from God? How do we know that God is using a specific person to deliver a message to us? Is it possible to differentiate between a truly divine message versus just a fake?

God identifies Himself in a very concrete and precise way. He reveals things that only you and He know. There can’t be any doubts!

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