Miracles - Do they happen? Part 2

I must say that during my years in practice as a cardiac surgeon, I have been able to witness events that I cannot explain by the usual conventional medical logic.

In my blog titled “Rest on Me,” a patient described an extra-body event which initially I thought was just a patient being extremely thankful. In fact, I was ready to completely disregard the experience until he looked at my eyes and pointed at me saying: “Doctor, I want you to know that the Lord is pleased with the way you are handling your personal situation” and that “as long as you rest on him and everything will be fine.”

This particular expression has a unique identification code. The Lord uses messages that contain information that only he and you know. In this case, God also used a messenger completely unrelated to me, from another town, someone I had never seen before to deliver a message. This particular message “Rest on Me and everything will be fine” was also given to me months prior to this event by Mrs. Camilo, but at that time miles away, in my home country and in my native language-Spanish.

Extra-body experiences have been the subject of debate among the scientific community; indeed, it is a very controversial issue. The case that I described in “Rest on Me,” the patient had received an extraordinary amount of barbiturates to induce a profound coma. The electroencephalographic monitor system used by the anesthesiologist didn’t register any electrical activity during the hypothermic arrest state. For practical purposes, he could not dream. But even if he had a dream, how did he get my personal information and how or why did he use the same phrase used by Mrs. Camilo?

Sometimes, human beings try too hard to find sophisticated explanations for potential divine events.

In fact, we go to the other extreme where we try so hard that we also lose the scientific bases. It is like we are saying, “It can be anything but God.”  I call this phenomena “Trying too hard not to believe. “