Miracles – Do they happen ? Part 1

During this journey in my faith, I have been able to experience a unique joy - the joy of being a witness of God’s interventions in our daily activities. As we read the Bible, we see all kinds of miracles and obvious divine interventions. I remember asking myself, how come we don’t see miracles as often as in times past. In fact, I felt that God had decided not to do miracles anymore and let things go according to absolute natural laws. It was as though through the centuries he just wore out.

If we look at the Old and New Testaments, we can observe peaks and valleys in terms of mystical activities. We go from extraordinary feats during Abraham, Noah and Moses to some slow level of activity that climbs back up during the prophets’ times slowing down again and reaching a peak during Jesus’ times. Following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, there was also a significant amount of mystical activities through the apostles or witnessed by them.  So how come we don’t see God’s intervention on a daily basis? Is this a perception issue? In other words, do miracles still happen? If yes, why don’t we see them?

Some humans don’t believe in miracles, others want to see one as a proof of God’s existence. Basically, they want God to show off and then they will believe. There is a problem with that approach; God doesn’t perform miracles to prove himself. Historically, it hasn’t happened that way, at least none documented in the Bible. In all miracles there is a component of powerful faith, which is paramount for the occurrence of a miracle.