The expression "No one gets out of this world Alive" is a great truth. I should disclose that as a little boy until, perhaps, 7 years ago, the possibility of losing my parents terrified me.

Today I write about this because I am amazed about my peace and the way I have accepted the almost simultaneous loss of my parents. Let me share some tips that I feel that have helped me and could help someone else in this situation:

  1. We should see this life as a crossing, a journey. This life is NOT FOREVER!
  2. During this journey, we must try to make a positive impact in this world.
  3. What makes our body function is energy or spirit. When the energy leaves our body, it goes to another dimension. Remember that energy changes or transforms but doesn't get destroyed.
  4. You must try to be at peace with your beloved ones. The departure of a loved one at the moment when there are unsolved conflicts can be very traumatic from a psychological point of view and slows down the process of healing after the loss.
  5.  Last but not least, Make sure that they know - You LOVE THEM!!