The Holidays Are Over - "I Am Glad"

During one of my visits to the grocery store I had a very interesting conversation with one of the cashiers. After the greetings, we asked each other about Christmas: How was your Christmas? 

My answer was “It was great, I was able to have some good family time’ then I asked and you? Her answer was “It was good but I am glad it's over”

Her answer made me think deeply about the meaning of Christmas. I started by analyzing how physically and mentally demanding the celebrations have become. The reality is that the commercial celebration has taken over and displaced the spiritual one.

In other words, we are so busy doing gift shopping, decorating, traveling and cooking that there isn’t time left for the spiritual celebration of Christmas - the welcoming of the messiah or in simple terms “Jesus B-Day”.

If we truly celebrate Christmas and welcome the Messiah, there is no way that we would say “I am glad it's over”