The world has changed so much. I have noticed how important customs and traditions have been forgotten, or we have walked away from them.

Simple gestures that positively affect human interaction have been neglected or forgotten. I am referring to the simple but important, “Good Morning, How are You?”

I am not sure what is happening, but people don’t realize how important is to start a day wishing a good day to our family members, friends and co-workers. It breaks the ice and gets all of us ready for a GOOD START – A GOOD DAY!

Since I arrived in the US, I have noticed that this phenomenon is getting worse. It is not unusual to see people everywhere not even acknowledge each other. It is getting really bad!

Imagine if we could actually start the day by saying to our family, friends and/or co-workers, "Good Morning and Blessings!" Unfortunately, this last statement would be politically incorrect in current society.

From my perspective, I have kept my custom of saying good morning and how are you, especially at work. It is important for me to do it because I see the change in people faces when they receive a greeting.

I have observed what happens when people receive a greeting. My co-workers feel that I care about them and respond with more efficiency and dedication to me and my patients' needs.

I truly believe that “Good Morning,” and ‘How are you,”  belong to the customs and traditions that we should keep!