My Ministry & Your Ministry

Since I started this journey in my new relationship with God, I have wondered so many times: What exactly does He want me to do? 


You must realize that I am somewhat shy to certain extent.  


So when I started writing–specifically when I started my first book, I just couldn’t believe that I was actually doing it–writing, that is.


You may wonder why is that so special, well; you might also remember that I previously disclosed that I didn’t like to write. In fact, it used to be my weakest area in college and in residency. I hated it!


This new author/writer experience caught me by surprise. 


By now, you realize that I have done a lot of deep thinking and analyzing on this new part of my life. During these moments of profound thinking and prayers I have come to a conclusion about my ministry. 


I truly believe that my ministry is about helping those people that are somewhat in the fence, not sure about God or they might believe but don’t know what to do about that. 


So my job is to make it easier for them to believe.


It is not a secret that we live in a very complex world where the atheist is claiming to be intellectually superior to us (believers). These are the times when “Repent, the end of the world is coming” isn’t doing the job by itself. 


These are the times when telling to someone:  “You only need to read the Bible-nothing else”, isn’t enough. In fact, some of those statements can push people away from our faith. 


Let me share with you a recent experience: 


As you know, I advertise my book in Facebook and other social media. For my surprise, a lady that hasn’t read it wrote a post stating “The end of the world is near and that there are people writing things to deviate Christians from the real word of God – You only need to read the Bible”. 


So I answer back saying that my book stimulate people to read the Bible and in fact it helps to understand certain areas better”. 


She wrote again saying more arguments following the same line. In other words, she was making a bold statement that a convert shouldn’t share his/her story!


You have a story that could relate to someone–and indeed could make it easier to accept the idea that Christ is alive and real. Your thoughts & opinions can introduce people to Jesus!


I’d like to leave you with this statement:


I have a very good job as a cardiothoracic surgeon. My job allows me to support my own ministry. The financial gain from book sales is irrelevant for my bottom line. I do this writing because I feel that God wants me to do it. He wants me to be involved in guiding people during these convoluted times


What about your life? Are you sharing parts of your faith that stimulate and begin a conversation for people who don’t know Christ to begin understanding who he really is? Challenge yourself with the notion that it is indeed your responsibility to help open doors to who Christ really is.