The Human Face of Jesus : What did He look like?

There are so many paintings and pictures of Jesus out there. For centuries, artists have tried to give us a physical idea of the Savior. The reality is that we all would love to know what He looked like while he was physically here with us on Earth.

Recently I went to the movies to watch Heaven is Real. In the movie, they presented a painting made by a prodigy 8-year-old girl.

Image Credit :  Akiane

Image Credit : Akiane

This painting portrayed the face of Jesus. The little girl had been having mystical experiences in which she had seen Jesus. This particular case was very unique, because she was raised by an atheist family.

In fact, she had never been exposed to any artistic representation of Jesus’ face. Since the occurrence of those experiences, she hasn't stopped painting.

What is very unique, interesting and puzzling is that there is a very striking similarity between what she painted and the computer generated image of Jesus.

Image Credit :  Ray Downing

Image Credit : Ray Downing

I had the privilege of watching a documentary prepared by a husband and wife team – Ray and Maria Downing called Jesus: The Last 40 Days. It was a masterpiece in which sophisticated graphic software was able to recreate a 3D image of Jesus’s face using the Shroud of Turin as a template.  

It caught my attention how similar her portrait is to the computer generated picture presented a couple of years ago on the History channel.

Amazing similarity, don’t you think?!