Chemistry between Humans

At some point in our lives, each one of us has heard that someone doesn't like us. The strange part of this is that you have barely talked to that person.

Sometimes two people can't even be together in the same room… the environment gets heavy. You can feel the tension.

The odd thing about this phenomena is that most of the time there hasn't been a real conversation between the two people.

So the question is, why does this happen?

I sincerely believe that we as humans project an energy that is captured or perceived by another human. How the other human reacts to the energy coming from you will depend on his own reality, problems and trauma, etc. It depends on the inner reality of the recipient.

I remember a long time ago a friend told me, Did you know that so-and-so doesn't like you?

I answered, “No way! We have never even talked to each other! I don't even know who that person is!

I find this chemistry or energy interaction among humans very interesting... What about you?

PS: By the way… I like all of you. :)