My close encounter with God: “Rest on Me.”

Since I started in medical school, I have witnessed some experiences that I can't explain with pure science. 3 years ago during an open heart procedure, an unexpected complication happened which forced me to perform a unique maneuver to save the patient's life.

The maneuver - called hypothermic circulatoric arrest - cools the body temperature to 17 degrees and stops the circulation while I perform the repair. Obviously we can't take too long with this.

In other words, it is as close to being dead as possible. 

The patient woke up the next day and I asked him: “Did you see anything?” 

His answer was breath taking.

“Doctor, I was in a place where time is not important.” He repeated that several times.

Two weeks later, he came back to my office and said, “Now I am ready to talk. I was behind you and able to see you working on my heart. The Lord was close to me.”

The patient then revealed to me some of my private personal stuff.

He told me, "The Lord is pleased with the way you are handling your personal situation and that as long as you Rest on Him, everything will be fine."

The intriguing part of all of this is that this patient is not from this area and there was no reason for him to know about my personal life. Wow! Amazingly, he also repeated the same phrase that a woman prayed with me in the Dominican Republic 3 months earlier: "Rest on Me."